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Tooth Whitening

As we get older our teeth get darker. This is partly due to our getting older, but it is also caused by the foods we eat and drink, and by other habits such as smoking. Tea, coffee, blackcurrant juice, red wine and other foods that have strong colours can have an effect on the overall colour of our teeth.

Home Whitening

The most common type of whitening is called ‘home whitening’. This will involve the dentist taking an impression of your teeth we will then have trays made specially to fit into your mouth like gum-shields. The whitening gel is then put in the trays and you will be given a routine to follow at home.

The total length of the home bleaching treatment can vary depending on how discoloured your teeth are and the shade you want to get to. Once the desired shade is achieved then it is only a matter of topping them up from time to time.

Chairside Whitening

The chairside treatment involves you coming into surgery, where a higher concentration of whitening gel is applied by the dentist and an intense light is used. The treatment lasts under two hours and provides instant results in most cases. This type of system is only effective for selective cases, so if you want instant results with minimal hassle of wearing trays, this may be for you. However to reach optimal whiteness, you may have to either have more sessions or combine this with the home whitening system.

Most people will not find whitening painful. However, you will need to see a dentist to determine whether your teeth will be sensitive prior to treatment. If you have any decayed, cracked or broken fillings, this will need to be repaired before whitening can be done.

At Jordan Dental, we will give you de-sensitizing paste to minimize any discomfort during your treatment. If sensitivity was to develop, this should only be temporary.